My name is J.R. Bucklew (Jonathan Ray) and I am a CODA or KODA. That simply means I am a child of deaf adults. Yes, both of my parents are deaf and I have been signing my whole life. Well actually American Sign Language is my first language, and I was signing before I could speak.

I love the Lord, my wife Feven whom I met while serving in Ethiopia, the Deaf and more specifically sharing the grace of our Lord Jesus with them, and last but not least….. Totinos Pizza Rolls. Feven actually says I am like the squirrel from the movie Ice Age and pizza rolls are my acorns….. I don’t think I’m that much of a fanatic, but I did just write several sentences regarding pizza rolls. :^)


Signing at Greg Laurie’s 2013 Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, California

  I am currently serving by directing Deaf Bible (www.DeafBible.com) a ministry that was founded by Faith Comes By Hearing (www.faithcomesbyhearing.com). Deaf Bible works to see that the deaf all around the world can Have, Know, and Share the Word of God in their heart sign languages. This is a huge passion of mine… Serving the Lord in whatever way He see’s fit and working “Until All The Deaf Have Seen”!

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